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(307) 472‑5600

631 S. Ash St., Casper, WY 82601

Westside Animal Hospital Westside Animal Hospital

(307) 472‑5600

631 S. Ash St., Casper, WY 82601

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Annual Wellness and Preventive Care

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We recommend yearly wellness and preventive care visits for all cats and dogs. We reserve 30 minutes for all appointments so you and your pet are never rushed.

Thorough Examinations

During each checkup, we weigh your pet, perform a nose-to-tail examination, look inside the mouth, and listen to their heart. On a routine basis, these simple steps provide information that can reveal fluctuations over time that might warrant further investigation. Our goal is to catch illness and disease early on to optimize outcomes for your pet. A wellness visit is also the perfect time to discuss any concerns you have about your pet’s health or behavior.

Responsible Vaccines

Without question, vaccines are critical, but they need to be administered responsibly. We adhere to AAHA vaccination guidelines and we recommend as few vaccines as possible and use them through their duration. For example, if we give your pet a 3-year rabies vaccine, they won’t receive another rabies vaccine until three years have passed. That’s just the right way to do it.

Please follow this link to review our vaccine recommendations for dogs and cats.

Powerful Prevention

We strongly recommend annual dental cleanings under general anesthesia as part of your pet’s overall preventive care plan. Your pet’s dental hygiene can impact so many other aspects of their health that we feel an annual dental exam is every bit as important as an annual wellness visit.

Please call us at (307) 472-5600 today to schedule your pet’s annual checkup or schedule an appointment conveniently from any device.