Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy with Your Casper Veterinarian

You have probably heard of stem cell therapy before, but only for use on human patients. After years of seeing the reparative effects of this therapy on humans, our veterinarians now offer this treatment for pets. Stem cell therapy treatment may be prescribed for dogs, cats horses.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are contained in the pet's body, specifically in the blood, adipose( fat) cell tissue, and bone marrow. With stem cell therapy, these stem cells are transferred the injured area via an injection. The cells trigger the tissue to repair itself, leading to repair and less pain. These injections can be performed on the spinal cord, tendons, joints, and bones.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works

What is ActiStem? from MediVet Biologics on Vimeo.

Upon seeing your veterinarian in Casper for an exam and consultation, the vet will determine when to begin the therapy. The stem cells are found in your pets fat tissue.

The pet is not awake during this procedure, so they feel no pain or discomfort. Once the stem cells have been recovered from their fat, they can receive the stem cell injections the same day!

Conditions Treated with This Therapy

Any conditions in which the spinal cord, tendons, joints, and bones have been injured can be treated with stem cell therapy. Degenerative conditions are often more responsive to this innovative treatment.  

Reasons to Get Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy can be very advantageous for both dogs and cats. Here are some reasons to get this treatment for your pet:

  • There are not many complications and side effects according to pet owners whose pets have undergone stem cell therapy in the past.
  • While stem cell therapy can be expensive, it’s more affordable than surgery, which you may have been thinking of getting for your pet. 
  • The recovery time between injections is often very brief.
  • It does not take long for pets to feel the results of their injections, typically only 2 to 30 days.
  • Most pet owners whose dogs have received stem cell therapy (more than 80 percent) said this treatment bettered their pet’s health and quality of life.

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If you are looking for a veterinarian in Casper for veterinary stem cell therapy, our staff are experts in stem cell therapy for pets as well as many other treatments  including pet boarding, senior pet care, spaying and neutering, pet wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite control and prevention, nutritional counseling, pet dental care, and pet surgery.

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