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FAQs on Spay and Neuter in Casper, WY

At Westside Animal Hospital, we understand that bringing your pet in for any surgery can be a difficult and scary decision. When it comes to spay and neuter in Casper, WY, we want pet owners to have all of the facts and information necessary to make this important decision for the health of their pets. If you have any additional questions regarding these procedures, we encourage you to contact our office to speak directly with one of our skilled veterinarians. spay and neuter faq from your veterinarian in casper

What is spay and neuter surgery?

Spay surgery removes the ovaries and uterus of a female cat or dog. Slightly simpler, neuter surgery removes both of a male dog or cat's testicles. 

Are spay and neuter surgeries safe for my pet?

Spay and neuter surgery are two of the most commonly performed procedures. For this reason, they are both well-practiced and thoroughly understood. Not only are the procedures safe for cats and dogs, they will also keep them safe from unnecessary harm throughout their lives. 

At what age can my pet have spay or neuter surgery?

We recommend kittens and puppies have spay or neuter surgery no earlier than eight months of age, but before they have reached puberty. Our veterinarian can discuss proper scheduling of spay and neuter surgery with you at your new pet's initial wellness appointment. Adult pets can undergo spay and neuter surgery, but they will not enjoy all of the health benefits which the surgery imparts. 

How can I prepare my pet for surgery?

We will perform a general health examination prior to surgery to make sure your pet is a candidate for anesthesia and to determine the amount of medication required throughout the surgery. We will also go over simple pre and post-operative care guidelines with you prior to your pet's spay or neuter appointment. 

Why should have I have my pet spayed or neutered?

Spay and neuter surgeries impart countless benefits to your individual pets and to the animals of the entire community. These procedures prevent pets from developing cancers of the reproductive organs, decrease their chances of contracting contagious diseases from other animals, and mitigate unwanted, potentially dangerous behaviors like wandering, aggression, marking territory, and howling. In addition, spay and neuter surgeries prevent multitudes of unwanted litters every year, making it more likely for pets already in animal shelters to successfully find homes, reducing animal suffering the annual rate of unnecessary euthanasia deaths in animal shelters across the country. 

Schedule a Spay or Neuter Surgery for your Cat or Dog with our Casper Veterinarian

If your cat or dog is still intact, we encourage you, for the continued good health of your pet, to contact our office to schedule a spay or neuter consultation with our Casper veterinarian. If you are a new patient, ask us about our free consultation special. Contact us today at (307) 234-1915.


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