Pet Wellness Exam

Pet Wellness Exams in Casper, WY

Pet wellness exams help your pet stay happy and healthy in Casper, WY! At Westside Animal Hospital, we strongly believe in pet preventative care. Our wellness exams help pets in the community avoid illness and stay healthy.

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Benefits of Pet Preventative Healthcare

There are many benefits of pet wellness exams.

  • Reduced risk of serious illness. Our wellness exams are designed to catch your pet’s illnesses before they become serious. By identifying illnesses and diseases early, we can recommend treatment and give your pet the medical care he or she needs.

  • Reduced veterinary bills. By keeping your pet healthy and treating his or her conditions before they have a chance to advance, this reduces your reliance on expensive medical interventions and can lead to fewer veterinary bills overall.

  • Improved quality of life. Healthy pets have more energy, fewer aches and pains and enjoy improved quality of life.

  • Longer lifespan. Fewer illnesses can help your pet live longer.

  • More comfortable relationship between veterinarian and pet. Taking your pet in for wellness exams helps improve your pet's relationship with the veterinarian.

What to Expect from A Pet Wellness Exam in Casper

At your Casper animal hospital, our wellness exams involve a thorough physical examination of your pet’s body. We’ll check your pet’s coat, skin, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth and more. We’ll also draw blood and check your pet’s feces for parasites.

At each wellness exam, we’ll go over your pet’s vaccination schedule and discuss upcoming shots. If shots are due, we’ll administer vaccinations. We’ll also weigh your pet. Pet obesity is a big problem, so we check each pet’s weight and health carefully.

Finally, we’ll give you a chance to ask any questions that you might have about your pet’s behavior or health needs. All of our wellness exams represent an opportunity for pet owners to meet with their pet’s veterinarian face to face to discuss issues like pet health and wellness. We believe that pet owner education is an important part of helping pets stay healthy and happy. The more you know about your pet’s veterinary care, the easier it will be for you to identify symptoms of illness and disease. This will help you know when it’s time to get your pet in to the veterinarian.

When to Get a Pet Exam With the Veterinarian in Casper

Your pet’s first wellness exam should occur when your pet is around 6 weeks old. At that first exam, we’ll discuss vaccinations, spaying and neutering and other issues relating to your pet’s health. From that point forward, we recommend that your pet get a wellness exam once per year, or twice each year when your pet becomes a senior.

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At Westside Animal Hospital, we help pets stay healthy and happy. If you own a pet in Casper WY, contact us to make an appointment for your pet’s wellness exam. Call us today to learn more.


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