Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations in Casper, WY

At Westside Animal Hospital, in Casper, WY, we know you want to protect all your pets from unnecessary pain and suffering. That's why our personalized wellness plans always include annual rounds of the proper pet vaccines. Like humans, companion animals are vulnerable to many common but devastating health hazards during their lifetimes. Fortunately, from obesity and parasites to life-threatening diseases and infections, most of these risks are completely preventable. Horse, dog, and cat vaccinations are a cornerstone of good preventative care, because they strengthen your pet's immune system against specific diseases and illnesses.  

cat before receiving vaccinations from Casper veterinarian

Every pet deserves a chance to live a long, healthy life. Our Casper veterinarians have the pet vaccinations Casper animals need to stay healthy, minimize their future risks, and avoid spreading diseases to other animals. We offer the following vaccines at our Casper animal hospital.

Cat Vaccinations 

Whether or not your cats go outside, it's important – and in some cases mandatory – to protect them from some of the most contagious feline diseases. For example, every cat should receive regular calcivirus vaccines to ward off this debilitating respiratory illnesses. Our core cat vaccines in Casper include shots that build immunity to the following illnesses:

• Rabies
• Feline distemper
• Feline calcivirus

We also recommend the feline leukemia vaccine for cats who are exposed to outdoor animals, and other non-core feline vaccines based on lifestyle and medical history.

Dog Vaccinations 

Of course, dogs often come in contact with other animals and new outdoor environments, so their immune systems need extra help to avoid danger. Our core dog vaccines include immunizations against the following diseases:

• Rabies
• Parvovirus
• Canine hepatitis
• Leptospirosis
• Canine distemper

Your veterinarian in Casper will also review your dog's lifestyle and risk factors to weigh the benefits of additional vaccines. Our non-core dog vaccines aren't required, but they may be just as important as core vaccines for your active outdoor dog. They include Bordetella vaccines for dogs who share close quarters, Lyme disease vaccines that minimize the impact of ticks, and the canine influenza vaccine (a flu shot for dogs).

Equine Vaccinations 

Horses also need protection against the organisms around them, from microscopic viruses to wild animals and mosquitoes that spread disease with their bites. We offer all the essential or core horse vaccines for your equine pets, including shots to prevent your horse from contracting:

• Rabies
• Tetanus
• Equine encephalitis
• West Nile virus

We may also recommend non-core horse vaccines, to accommodate communal living quarters or exposure to insects. Optional horse vaccines include distemper, and equine influenza.

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Of course, immunizations are one part of a larger, lifelong wellness plan for every patient. Our personalized preventative care plans also include oral and topical pet preventatives to ward off parasites, annual wellness exams to keep track of your pet's condition, and custom diet and exercise regiments to maximize their physical health. Call Westside Animal Hospital in Casper to schedule your pet's next checkup.  


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