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Pet Surgery at Westside Animal Hospital in Casper

Keeping your pets healthy and ensuring the best possible quality of life for them isn't always easy -- and there are times when surgery has to become part of the plan. The good news is that your beloved pet will always be in the best possible hands here at Westside Animal Hospital. Our skilled veterinary team of Dr. Doug Johannessen and Dr. Laura Johannessen can apply their expertise toward a number of different surgical procedures, each procedure performed with the loving care and attention to detail every animal deserves.

dog receiving pet surgery from his veterinarian

Surgical Services from Your Veterinarian in Casper

Animal surgery in Casper can run the gamut from mundane preventative procedures to complex or urgent internal treatment. General anesthesia is administered as a general rule, not only for the animal's comfort but also to keep him perfectly still throughout surgery. Your veterinarian in Casper will administer anesthesia with extreme care, monitoring your pet constantly to make sure all is well. The types of procedures we offer include:

  • Spay and Neuter Surgery - Spay and neuter surgery is the removal of the female or male reproductive organs. This is not only a humane way to help prevent pet overpopulation, but it can also preserve your pet's health by eliminating reproductive cancer risks and the risky misbehaviors associated with going into heat.
  • Dental/Oral Surgery - A damaged or diseased tooth may cause your pet a lot of pain while threatening harm to neighboring dental structures, in which case a strategic extraction can prove extremely beneficial. If your pet is diagnosed with oral cancer, we may prescribe surgery to treat this potentially deadly ailment. Acute jaw injuries may also call for surgery.
  • Tumor Removal Surgery - We can remove worrying lumps or lesions from your pet's skin, biopsy them to see if they're malignant, and then perform additional surgery if necessary just to play it safe. We can also perform internal surgery to remove malignancies or even benign tumors that interfere with normal physical processes.
  • Emergency Surgery - Some situations call for immediate surgical care. We may save your pet's life by removing ingested hazards, urinary blockages such as stones or deeply embedded foreign objects. Surgery to correct the digestive dangers of bloat may also be necessary. If your pet is having trouble delivering a litter, we can even provide an emergency C-section.

The Place to Go for Animal Surgery in Casper

Westside Animal Hospital is the only clinic you need for primary animal surgery in Casper, including the personal pet surgery advice and recommendations you'll receive from our expert veterinary team. Call us today at (307) 472-5600 to schedule your pet's surgery!


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "The entire team at Westside Animal Hospital is fantastic!! They take such great care of both of our dogs - young & old - routine care and/or emergencies!! Thank you to the Drs. Johannessen for all you do for our family:) Our community is truly so fortunate to have you here!"
    -Melissa Y
  • "Very good facility. Both doc's are good about giving quality time and their assistant Ashley is wonderful."
    -Victor J