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Pet Dental Care in Casper

Pet dental care is crucial for your pet’s good health while poor or no dental care leads to health problems with potential complications. Today, the number one condition showing up in veterinary hospitals is periodontal disease, an unnecessary affliction that could be prevented by regular pet teeth cleaning. For the absolute best in animal dental care, Casper residents choose Westside Animal Hospital.

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Why is Pet Dental Care So Important?

In human beings a tooth ache is excruciating. In pets, it is just as painful, but they suffer in silence. Regular dental care eliminates problems before they get to that point. Since the mouth is the gateway to the pet’s body, problems originating there can have dire consequences elsewhere.

How Do I Know if My Pet Needs Dental Care?

All dogs and cats need dental care, but there are definite symptoms that you should seek immediate care. Putrid smelling breath is the most obvious sign, and your pet may also act tired and depressed. Drooling or salivating, lost appetite, and even swelling around the mouth and face are signs that dental care is necessary. If you notice any of these signs, check your pet’s gums for redness, swelling, bleeding and heat.

Pet Dental at Westside Animal Hospital

Your leading pet dental care in Casper is right within our walls at Westside Animal Hospital. Detection is the first order of business, and during your pet’s annual examination, our veterinarian makes a thorough inspection of your pet’s mouth, teeth and gums. This exam tells us how quickly we should schedule the next step, which is cleaning.

The Dental Cleaning

Once cleaning is scheduled, we ask you to bring your pet in early in the day to prep him or her for the procedure. We offer pet dental care under anesthesia for the comfort and safety of your pet, and for proper evaluation and dental cleaning.

Learn More about Anesthesia in Casper

We realize that many pet owners become alarmed when they hear their pet will be going under anesthesia, but for a thorough pet teeth cleaning, it’s necessary. We use the absolute safest anesthesia products available today and monitor your pet through the entire procedure using our modern equipment and protocols. Most important, by using anesthesia, we are able to get under your pet’s gum-line where problems originate and catch them early.  This saves your pet potential pain and problems, and you, additional expenses. The bottom line for complete dental care is this: to prevent difficulties down the road it is necessary to visually check your pet’s teeth on an annual basis and remove plaque and tartar with a thorough pet teeth cleaning when needed.

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  • "The entire team at Westside Animal Hospital is fantastic!! They take such great care of both of our dogs - young & old - routine care and/or emergencies!! Thank you to the Drs. Johannessen for all you do for our family:) Our community is truly so fortunate to have you here!"
    -Melissa Y
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