Pet Boarding in Casper FAQ

FAQs About Pet Boarding in Casper

If you're new to the idea of boarding your pet, you may be understandably confused or concerned about the factors that go into this decision. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about pet boarding in Casper.

frequently asked questions about pet boarding in casper

Common Questions About Pet Boarding

What is separation anxiety? Separation anxiety is a problem afflicting many pets who are left alone for extended periods of time. Feelings of abandonment and loneliness may spur extreme emotional reactions and even destructive behavior. Boarding your pet among friendly humans and other animals can help prevent separation anxiety.

Why can't I just have someone stop by once or twice a day to provide feedings? An occasional brief visit will do little to relieve separation anxiety -- and it may also give your distraught pet a chance to run out the door! Additionally, a medical emergency can strike any pet at any time, possibly hours before your friend or neighbor's next visit.

How do special medical needs affect the decision to board my pet? Some animals, including senior pets and pets with chronic medical disorders, need regular monitoring and prompt, accurate medication dosages. If your pet is in this group, he is much better off staying at a veterinary clinic while you're away.

Why should I pet my pet at Westside Animal Hospital? Westside Animal Hospital has the combination of skill, experience and compassionate care that makes boarding both safe and pleasant for your pet. First and foremost, your pet will benefit from the watchful eyes of our trained veterinary staff, with ready access to either Casper veterinarian on our team. We can also monitor vital signs, administer medications, and provide various types of veterinary treatment as needed.

What features can your animal hospital offer to keep my pet happy? Our animal hospital maintains separate, comfortable facilities for dogs and cats, allowing dogs plenty of social interaction while giving cats a quiet, serene refuge. Your pet will also receive high-quality meals, regular exercise opportunities, and affectionate playtime with our caring humans.

Are there any preparations I need to make before boarding my pet? Your pet may need vaccination updates and/or elective vaccinations (such as vaccination against kennel cough) before we can board him at our clinic. We'll be happy to discuss these and other preparations with you.

I may need to reserve a boarding stay for my pet. What's the next step? Since our facility can fill up quickly, especially during holiday seasons, we urge you to contact our clinic as early as possible. This allows us to reserve a spot and take care of any medical preparations that might be necessary.

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Now that you have answers to some of the basic questions regarding veterinary pet boarding in Casper, don't shy about asking us anything else you need to know. Call Westside Animal Hospital at (307) 472-5600 to talk to our Casper veterinarian about booking your pet's boarding stay!


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