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Cat Boarding with Your Casper Veterinarian

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There are times when it is necessary to board a pet at a cat kennel. Your cat will be safely boarded by our Casper veterinarian and staff and enjoy a comfortable and healthy cat boarding experience at Westside Animal Hospital. Drs. Doug and Laura Johannessen place the needs of pets first and are the only veterinarians certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners in Casper, WY.

When you need a beloved pet boarded for a day or an extended stay, you need not look any further than Westside Animal Hospital. Learn more about the cat boarding experience at Westside Animal Hospital today.

Why Board a Cat at a Cat Kennel?

It can be difficult to travel with a pet on short notice. This makes a cat kennel a convenient alternative to hunting up pet-friendly accommodations. Pets need attention and care. Cats boarded at Westside Animal Hospital receive:

  • Regular care and meals;
  • Attention, exercise and scheduled playtime.

Cats get the amount of attention needed in a calm and serene environment to ensure their comfort at our boarding facility. Our vets are on hand to administer medicine, attend to any special needs of a cat and handle any health emergencies. This allows pet owners to travel without worrying about leaving a cat unattended and having a health problem go without necessary attention.

Cats and other pets kept at home and visited infrequently by a neighbor or friend may become despondent and irritable. Pets have been known to escape a home when a visitor arrives to check in on them. In addition, infrequent visits can make it likely that a pet that suffers an illness or injury may not receive the urgent care they need in time to make a difference.

What Are Standard Boarding Procedures?

There are some standard procedures required before boarding a cat at our Casper animal hospital. A cat should be up-to-date on all vaccinations. Vaccinations should be addressed prior to bringing in a pet for boarding. In addition, our staff recommends bringing in a pet for an overnight stay before an extended boarding experience to get them used to the facility and the staff. Additional services are available for pet owners while a cat is boarded. Grooming services are one of the services that can be performed when a pet boards at our cat kennel. Speak with our veterinarians to learn more about mandatory cat vaccinations and how to get your pet ready for a stay today.

High-Quality Cat Boarding from Westside Animal Hospital Staff

Give your pet high-quality veterinary care and attention from our Casper veterinary team. Drs. Doug and Laura Johannessen are dedicated in giving cats and kittens the attention they need while owners are away. Services at Westside Animal Hospital include cat boarding, preventative wellness exams, wellness procedures, dental care, pet surgery, nutritional counseling and behavioral consultations.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Casper Veterinarian

Every effort is made to keep your cat comfortable at our kennel. Contact Westside Animal Hospital at (307) 472-5600 to schedule an appointment for boarding your pet today. 


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "The entire team at Westside Animal Hospital is fantastic!! They take such great care of both of our dogs - young & old - routine care and/or emergencies!! Thank you to the Drs. Johannessen for all you do for our family:) Our community is truly so fortunate to have you here!"
    -Melissa Y
  • "Very good facility. Both doc's are good about giving quality time and their assistant Ashley is wonderful."
    -Victor J