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Our Veterinarian in Casper, WY Answers Allergy FAQs

If you suffer from sneezing and watery eyes when the pollen flies, you might be surprised to know that your furry family members can experience the same type of reactions from a number of different substances. At Westside Animal Hospital we treat a number of pet patients who have various allergies. Most of their owners weren't aware of why their pets were so miserable and naturally had many questions when their pets were diagnosed. Here are some of the more common ones we hear.

Kitten With Allergies

How Do Animals Get Allergies?

In both humans and pets, an allergy is a physical reaction to an allergen, which is a substance that's capable of causing a hypersensitive reaction. In pets, it can be any man-made or natural substance, including grass, pollen, flea saliva, chemicals, or even certain types of fabric. Animals are born allergic to certain substances, although they may not develop reactions to them until they're older.

What Are Common Pet Allergy Symptoms?

Every pet is different, but watch for these common symptoms if you suspect pet allergies:

  • Licking the paws
  • Watery eyes
  • Scratching
  • Rubbing the face

Scratching can be the most destructive of these symptoms, as some pets can scratch so much and so often that they remove patches of hair and create sore spots on their skin. Sometimes animals can scratch themselves raw, which can lead to dangerous infections.

What Allergy Treatments are Available?

There is no cure for a pet with allergies. We concentrate on alleviating the symptoms to make your dog or cat less miserable during the allergy season. The first step is to help your pet to avoid the allergen as much as possible. Once your environment is as allergy-free as possible, we can prescribe allergy medicine for the worst symptoms. A common medical treatment prescribed by veterinarians currently are Apoquel or Cytopoint. Although, as stated before, allergies are not curable, these medications aim to control the itching and inflammation caused by allergens. Cytopoint, for example, is a treatment that introduces antibodies that are used to target and neutralize the proteins within dogs that induces itching to reduce the itch-scratch cycle.

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