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Cat Wellness Exams in Casper

At Westside Animal Hospital, we're committed to improving and promoting feline wellness in Casper. That's why our veterinarians are proud to offer thorough preventative care for every patient at our Casper animal hospital, including felines of all ages and health conditions. If your cat is behind on their feline checkups, take advantage of our wellness care and schedule an exam with one of our Casper veterinarians. But first, learn exactly why we recommend an annual cat wellness exam for every feline patient. 

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Benefits of a Cat Wellness Exam With Your Casper Veterinarian

Checkups are a crucial part of good feline care in Casper. Like humans, cats and other pets need consistent checkups to monitor for abnormalities and make treatment more effective. We use regular feline wellness exams to:

  • Prevent Diseases – We keep your cat on a regular vaccination schedule and monitor lifestyle or diet changes
  • Diagnose Illness Early – From cataracts to cancer, treatment is often more effective if we detect problems early
  • Prevent Parasites – Lice, fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites wreak havoc without preventative care
  • Control Allergies – Exams allow us to keep up with changing skin and diet sensitives

How Do We Prevent and Detect Feline Diseases?

Cats are susceptible to a variety of parasites and contagious diseases, but fortunately, we now have the ability to prevent or treat many of them. Feline leukemia, rabies, and Bordetella are just a few of the fatal or life-threatening conditions that can be prevented with a regular checkup and vaccination schedule. Other diseases, including degenerative diseases and different types of cancer, are harder to prevent. They're also easier to treat with early detection, which is only possible when you see your vet regularly.

Keep your cat's defenses up with regular visits to our Casper animal hospital, where we offer core and non-core vaccinations and annual boosters to maintain their immunity. We also screen for common diseases and health conditions during each feline wellness exam, giving us a chance to start treatments immediately if necessary or monitor your cat's overall condition for future reference.

What Happens During the Cat Wellness Exam?

Before your cat's exam begins, your Casper veterinarian will review recent symptoms and concerns. Don't leave any details out, because you know your cat's habits and behaviors better than anyone. After we review your pet's medical history, we'll start a thorough head-to-tail examination. Your cat's physical condition tells us a lot about their dietary and medical needs, so we will be comprehensive as we check each and every part of your cat's body.

For example, each cat wellness exam includes a manual inspection of the teeth, nails, fur, skin, eyes, ears, nose, and tongue. The condition of a cat's skin and coat may give us valuable information about their diet, allergies, or overall health, while abnormalities in the mouth or eyes may point to diseases that cause permanent complications without early detection and treatment.

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Call Westside Animal Hospital to schedule your cat's wellness exam in Casper. Your Casper veterinarian can help your furry friend stay happy and healthy. 


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