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The Importance of Dental Health

smiling dog showing off his teeth

Bad breath is often the first, most obvious sign that something is wrong with your pet’s teeth. Unfortunately, by this time, they could already be experiencing pain and battling gum disease.

Understanding Gum Disease

The effects of gum disease go much deeper than your pet’s pearly whites. When bacteria builds up in the gums, it can cross into your pet’s bloodstream. The first place it travels is the heart, where it can cause problems with the heart valves. The bacteria’s next stop is the kidneys. Once the bacteria from gum disease has moved into the vital organs, this is no longer a pet who needs a good dental cleaning; this is a pet with potentially severe health conditions.

Comprehensive Cleanings

The most effective way to guard against gum disease is with annual dental cleanings under general anesthesia. At every wellness checkup, we look inside your pet’s mouth and make a recommendation.

Your pet’s dental visit will include ultrasonic scaling and polishing, a thorough inspection of the mouth and gum line to check for unusual spots or bumps, and digital dental x-rays when needed. The use of general anesthesia enables us to perform a thorough cleaning and comprehensive exam, and extract or repair bad teeth. We follow strict AAHA guidelines for anesthesia and monitor the patient’s vital signs the entire time.

A Yearly Habit

Dental problems can be painful and can keep your dog or cat from eating properly. Additionally, when harmful bacteria from your pet’s mouth enters the bloodstream, it can lead to a host of other health conditions. Please make an appointment today to have your pet’s teeth cleaned.