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Immunotherapy: A Ground-Breaking Treatment for Cancer

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Learning that your pet has cancer can be heartbreaking. You want effective treatment that doesn’t cause further stress or discomfort, and, most of all, you want to optimize your pet’s quality of life for as long as possible.

At Westside Animal Hospital, we’re pleased to offer our patients an innovative, effective cancer treatment called immunotherapy.

What Is Immunotherapy?

Your pet's treatment begins by removing a cancerous tumor or cancer cells. These cells are then used to develop a customized vaccine designed to target your pet's specific cancer growth. Your pet receives a vaccine once every four weeks until three vaccines have been administered. These vaccines, called the K9-ACV vaccine, will strengthen your pet’s immune system by teaching it to attack cancer cells.

The goal of immunotherapy is to stop the spread of cancer and to reduce the risk of cancer in the future. Cancer Immunotherapy can be used alone, but is most effective when used in addition to some form of chemotherapy.

What Are the Benefits?

Immunotherapy vaccines are safe and are typically well-tolerated with no significant side effects. Immunotherapy has been proven to prevent the metastatic spread of cancer and to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

What Are Its Applications?

Cancers commonly treated with immunotherapy include:

  • Lymphoma
  • Skin cancer
  • Tumors in a female’s mammary tissue
  • Sarcoma, including Osteosarcoma
  • Cancer of the liver or spleen
  • Many more

Immunotherapy is a novel way to help your pet's immune system fight the growth of cancer cells. Please call us at (307) 472-5600 if you have any questions about this cutting-edge treatment option.