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  • Welcome to Westside Animal Hospital!
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Welcome to Westside Animal Hospital!

Welcome to Westside Animal Hospital!
veterinarians smiling with dog in Casper, WY

Westside Animal Hospital in Casper, Wyoming welcomes you to try its facilities! We're proud of our role in the community of Casper, where we provide quality veterinary care to animals of various sizes and types! We believe it's important that the people of Casper know how to pick a veterinarian that truly cares about its patients and know how to keep your pet happy and healthy.

What to Look For in a Vet

Choosing a veterinarian isn't easy! When you're looking for a healthcare provider for your animal companion, consider the following characteristics:

  • Years of experience. It takes many years to learn how to make pets comfortable and to accurately recognize the signs of pet illness. Veterinary clinics that are established members of their community will have the knowledge required to keep pets healthy and happy.

  • Licensure. Valid licensure to work as a veterinarian ensures that your vet has gone through the training required to care for pets.

  • Reputation in the community. Your friends and neighbors will be able to tell you which veterinarian takes the best care of their pets.

  • Services provided. It's important for you to take your pet to a veterinary clinic that offers a full range of services, so your pet can get everything he or she needs in one convenient location. When you're trying to choose a Casper veterinarian, look for a provider that offers the following services: animal dental care, vaccinations, wellness checkups, surgery, nutritional counseling and behavioral consultations. It's also a good idea to look for a vet who offers bonus services like pet boarding, so you can take your pet to a trusted care provider when you leave town!

Westside Animal Hospital Has What it Takes

Are you wondering how to choose a vet in Casper? Westside Animal Hospital has what it takes to offer quality veterinary care to your pet. We're the animal doctor who combines all the above qualities with a deep passion for animal care. Call us today for an appointment at 307-472-5600.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "The entire team at Westside Animal Hospital is fantastic!! They take such great care of both of our dogs - young & old - routine care and/or emergencies!! Thank you to the Drs. Johannessen for all you do for our family:) Our community is truly so fortunate to have you here!"
    -Melissa Y
  • "Very good facility. Both doc's are good about giving quality time and their assistant Ashley is wonderful."
    -Victor J