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Summer Pet Boarding

Summer Pet Boarding in Casper

When you go on vacation this summer, it may be tempting to implore the help of a neighbor to feed and water your pets or hire a pet sitter, but neighbors and pet sitters do not offer the same level of service as summer pet boarding in Casper at Westside Animal Hospital.Dog and cat pet boarding in Casper, WY

Peace of Mind and Safety Our Veterinarian in Casper

When you choose summer pet boarding in Casper at our animal hospital, you can rest easy knowing that your pet will be safe while in our care. Our staff members are trained on how to properly handle all breeds of dogs and cats, and we are attentive to your pet's needs. If you bring your dog or cat's favorite foods and treats, we will make sure your pet has the opportunity to eat them.

Exercise and Human Interaction

Our dog boarding service includes plenty of playtime, exercise and human interaction. If your dog needs medication while in our care, our medical staff can administer your pet's short-term or long-term medications. If your pet becomes ill during his or her stay at our Casper animal hospital, we will notify you immediately and provide medical attention.

Quiet, Stress-Free Areas for Your Cats

Our cat boarding service is a favorite among cat owners because we are certified in feline care by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. While your cat is in our care, you can be assured that he or she will receive plenty of food, water and interaction as well as a quiet place to sleep and relax. We can also provide medical care and administer medications while your cat is boarding with us.

To schedule your pet's stay at our Casper animal hospital, call Westside Animal Hospital today at 307-472-5600. We are currently offering discounts on heartworm testing and prevention.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "The entire team at Westside Animal Hospital is fantastic!! They take such great care of both of our dogs - young & old - routine care and/or emergencies!! Thank you to the Drs. Johannessen for all you do for our family:) Our community is truly so fortunate to have you here!"
    -Melissa Y
  • "Very good facility. Both doc's are good about giving quality time and their assistant Ashley is wonderful."
    -Victor J