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Spay & Neuter FAQ

Spay & Neuter with Your Casper Veterinarians: FAQ

Spaying and neutering is the most common pet surgery in Casper, along with the rest of the country. You've probably got questions before bringing your dog or cat for the procedure.

dog and cat before spay & neuter procedure

Here are the most common ones our patients ask:

How Old Should My Pet Be?

The optimal age for spaying and neutering is six months of age. We can do the procedure between three and six months to make sure your pet does not breed. While it's best to spay or neuter your dog or cat when young, animals of every age can benefit from the procedure, and there are a very few exceptions to spaying or neutering your pet while young.

Will it Hurt My Pet?

All pets given appropriate pain medications and are completely anesthetized during the procedures. During the first few days your pet may feel some discomfort, but it should heal quickly with no side effects.

Don't Spayed and Neutered Pets Get Fat?

While spaying and neutering will reduce your pet's urge to roam the neighborhood, it's up to you to make sure it still gets the kind of exercise every healthy pet requires, as well as proper nutrition. Play with your dog, make sure your cat has toys to chase, let your pet run around the yard to stretch its muscles. It's lack of exercise and overfeeding that makes pets put on weight.

Why Should I Spay/Neuter My Pet?

Millions of unwanted animals are destroyed in shelters each year, simply because they were born without a loving owner. The stray animal population costs communities millions of dollars, and most of the problem can be prevented by making sure dogs and cat can't have unwanted litters.

What are the Health Benefits?

Spaying and neutering will prevent certain types of cancers in both dogs and cats. In addition, since spayed and neutered animals don't want to roam as much, they're much less likely to be lost or hurt when running free in the neighborhood.

More Questions? Contact our Casper Veterinarians today!

In Westside Animal Hospital, our Casper spay & neuter program has successfully treated many hundreds of pets. Call our office at %CLIENT_PHONE% to make an appointment for keeping your pet healthy and safe today.


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