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Feline Wellness Checkups in Casper

Feline Wellness Checkups in Casper

Feline wellness check ups are an important part of keeping your cat healthy and happy. At Westside Animal Hospital in Casper, we recommend regular wellness checkups for cats of all ages. Whether your cat is a kitten or a senior, our feline checkups can help catch serious illnesses and medical conditions in their early stages, so your animal friend can get the treatment he or she needs to stay healthy.

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What to Expect During Your Feline Wellness Exams in Casper

During your pet’s wellness exam in Casper, we’ll weigh your cat and make dietary recommendations if needed. We’ll also examine your cat’s fur, skin, teeth, ears and eyes. We’ll observe your pet’s behavior, listen to your cat’s heartbeat and breathing, and take a sample of your cat’s blood and feces.

We also find that wellness exams are a good time to answer your questions about caring for your cat. We’ll give you advice, talk to you about feline care in Casper and make recommendations for vaccinations like rabies, feline leukemia and other shots.

When to Bring In Your Pet

We recommend that cat owners bring in their pets to their Casper animal hospital at least once per year for wellness exams. When cats get older, we may increase your pet’s wellness visits to twice per year, because senior pets are at risk for illnesses and chronic conditions. In addition, we may recommend that your pet get wellness exams twice per year if he or she has a serious medical condition.

Bring in your cat for his or her first exam at 6 weeks old. At that first visit, we'll recommend a wellness exam schedule for your cat.

Contact Your Cat’s Veterinarian in Casper WY

At Westside Animal Hospital, we help cats in the community maintain good health. We give free consultations to new patients! We believe that wellness exams are an important part of preventative care. Our skilled, knowledgeable veterinarians have the experience it takes to diagnose diseases in their early stages. Call us today!


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