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  • February is National Pet Dental Health Month with Your Casper Veterinarian!
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February is National Pet Dental Health Month with Your Casper Veterinarian!

February is National Pet Dental Health Month with Your Casper Veterinarian!

This February, while you're enjoying a few sweet treats and chocolate for Valentine's Day, you'll (hopefully) be taking extra special care of your teeth--and if you're a pet owner, we hope you do the same for your animal! At Westside Animal Hospital, your premier location for excellence in pet dental care, our Casper veterinarian staff is celebrating National Pet Dental Health Month by raising awareness about the why's and the how to's of pet teeth cleaning. 

Dog receiving pet dental care

Pet Dental with Your Veterinarian in Casper, WY

It's not always easy to tell if something is wrong with your cat or dog's dental health, and our pet dental care team doesn't advise waiting until you notice something before bringing your animal in to see us. Here are just a few reasons our veterinary staff urges all local pet owners to consider the importance of regular pet dental in Casper and surrounding areas:

  • Pet dental problems can make it difficult for your animal to eat. Infected teeth or gums can be painful and make it hard for your pet to chew and swallow its food. 
  • Pet dental problems can decrease your pet's longevity and even lead to other health problems. Like humans, animals with healthy and clean teeth and gums tend to live longer. Plus, the bacteria-riddled plaque and tartar build-up on unclean teeth can leech into your animal's bloodstream and lead to infections elsewhere in its body. 
  • As a general rule, pet dental problems are more costly to treat than prevent. By bringing your animal in for our cat or dog teeth cleaning service on a routine basis and brushing its teeth between visits, you're far more likely to prevent your animal from developing a dental health problem in the first place. To our mind, this is a small yet worthwhile amount of time, money, and energy to invest into your animal's long-term health--and it's better for your wallet and peace of mind, too.

Is Your Animal Companion Due For A Pet Teeth Cleaning? Check Out Our Casper Pet Dental Care Services At Westside Animal Hospital!

If you've been looking for a Casper veterinarian team you can trust with your animal's health, then look no further than the friendly and experienced staff at Westside Animal Hospital. We strive to help every animal that comes through our doors--be it cat, dog, horse, reptile, rabbit, or pocket pet--as healthy and as happy as possible. To schedule a pet teeth cleaning appointment or to learn more about our pet dental care services, call us today. Never worked with us before? You're in luck--we're currently offering a free consultation to first-time clients! Contact us today!


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