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Why You Should Spay/Neuter Your Pet

Our Casper Veterinarian Team Offers Spay & Neuter Procedures For Your Pet!

A spay (performed on female cats and dogs) or neuter (performed on male cats and dogs) are elective veterinary procedures that are performed millions of times every year in this country. At Westside Animal Hospital, our Casper veterinarian team respects the fact that every pet owner reserves the right to make important health decisions about their animal companion. However, we strongly encourage all pet parents to have their cats and dogs spayed and neutered. Why? Read on to learn more. spay and neuter procedures from your veterinarian in casper

Why Spay And Neuter in Casper

When you take your animal in for a spay and neuter in Casper, your pet's reproductive organs (ovaries and uterus in females and testes in males) will be removed through small incisions near the abdomen. This prevents your pet from being able to produce offspring. There are actually several reasons why this is beneficial: 

Less Stray and Shelter Animals

Unwanted kittens, puppies, and older cats and dogs are sent by the millions to animal shelters every year. Sadly, not all of them will find their forever homes. Spaying or neutering your pet reduces pet overpopulation, decreases the strain placed on our community by unwanted animals, and prevents innocent cats/dogs from being euthanized. 

Increased Lifespan

Research indicates that dogs and cats who have been neutered or spayed can expect to live at least 2 to 3 years longer. These animals also have reduced or completely eliminated risk of reproductive cancers. 

Less Unwanted Behaviors

Unsterilized animals demonstrate many reproduction-related behaviors that their human family considers unpleasant, including aggression, roaming, and territorial marking in males, and excessive licking in females. Female animals who have been sterilized will not go into heat, thereby helping you avoid the mess of menstruation. 

Schedule An Appointment with Our Casper Veterinarian Team Today

If you do choose to have your cat or dog spayed/neutered, then our Casper veterinarian team can help you figure out the best time to get the procedure done. Traditionally, puppies are spayed/neutered between the ages of 6 to 9 months, but more recently both puppies and kittens have been safely neutered/spayed as young as 8 weeks old. 

To schedule your appointment today to or learn more about our services, then please call 307-472-5600.


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