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Top Ten Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

Your Casper Veterinarian Offers 10 Tips for Keeping Pets Safe on The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a scary and potentially dangerous time for pets. Here are 10 tips for keeping your pet safe this holiday from Westside Animal Hospital and your dedicated veterinarian in Casper.tips for keeping pets safe during the 4th of july from your casper veterinarian

Keep Pets Inside

With all the noise and hoopla of the holiday, pets are bound to become anxious and even panic. Left outside, they may take off in a frenzy.

Avoid Putting Insect Repellant on Pets

The mosquitos may be buzzing, but human insect repellent is toxic to pets. Contact your veterinarian to learn how to safely protect pets from bugs.

Keep Alcohol Out of Reach

To avoid a visit in our animal hospital for a poisoned pet, keep all alcohol well out of pet reach.

Skip the Fireworks with Your Pet

The noise of fireworks is terrifying for most pets. To avoid a quivering, terrified mass of fur at your feet, leave your pet home for the big show.

Make Sure Your Pet Has ID

Finding a lost and terrified pet without proper identification is daunting, if not impossible. Make sure your pet has a tag with your name, address, and phone number. Better yet, make an appointment with our veterinarian to have him microchipped.

Keep Glow Jewelry Away from Your Pet

Those popular pieces of plastic jewelry that glow in the dark are dangerous for pets. If ingested, they can cause drooling, gastrointestinal distress and even intestinal blockage.

Keep Firecrackers at Bay

Neighborhood firecrackers are frightening enough for pets. Be sure to avoid using them at home.

Stick to Your Pet’s Usual Diet

Table food is never ideal for pets, but combine it with the noise and excitement of the Fourth of July and you have a likely recipe for a visit to our animal hospital.

Keep Lighter Fluid and Matches Out of Reach

Campfire, grill or candle, summer provides ample opportunity for fire-starting. Keep your pet away from these to avoid serious issues such as kidney disease, skin irritation, and gastric problems.

Keep Citronella Away from Pets

Whatever its form, citronella is toxic to pets. It can cause pneumonia or affect the nervous system.

Call Our Veterinarian in Casper Today!

Keeping pets healthy is our passion. These guidelines prepared by our veterinarian in Casper will ensure your pet is safe and stress-free for the Fourth!  Call us today to make an appointment with our animal doctor in Casper. Be sure to ask about our free consultation for new clients. We look forward to meeting with you!


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