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Importance of Routine Cat and Dog Vaccinations

Importance of Routine Cat and Dog Vaccinations with our Casper Veterinarians

Vaccinations help protect your pets from potentially fatal, communicable diseases, such as parvovirus, distemper, and rabies. The vaccinations used for canines and felines differ considerably due to the way their systems operate. Our veterinarian in Casper will help you identify the best vaccinations and schedule to use to help keep your pet healthy for years to come. Here’s what Westside Animal Hospital wants all pet owners to know about dog and cat vaccinations.

veterinarian in Casper smiling and holding a cat and dog who received their vaccinations

Recommended Dog Vaccination Schedule

Puppies start the inoculation schedule with a core dog vaccination that protects from six different diseases. Additional vaccinations may be added depending on the level of risk your dog faces or if you decide to fully vaccinate. The vaccination for Bordetella, for example, is strongly recommended for dogs who will be placed in boarding facilities or other kennel situations. All vaccinations are given on a strict schedule that optimizes their efficiency in disease prevention.

Suggested Cat Vaccination Options

Cat vaccinations follow a different schedule to protect from the leading communicable diseases in the feline world. Cat owners should bring in their kittens to the veterinarian to start their vaccinations, which protect against feline herpesvirus, rabies, and calicivirus. Optional vaccinations may be given for additional protection against Bordetella and chlamydia felis.  

Non-Core Vaccinations Available from our Veterinarians in Casper

Your veterinarian offers all core and some specialty, non-core vaccinations for the complete protection of your cat or dog. The cat and dog vaccination options allow you to personalize the level of protection to your pet’s needs. You can have your vet provide information that helps you with the decision process while selecting the best cat and dog vaccination types and schedule.

Schedule Your Dog and Cat Vaccination Appointment at Westside Animal Hospital in Casper

If you would like to schedule your cat or dog vaccination appointment today, give our Westside Animal Hospital team a call at 307-472-5600. We will schedule your vaccination appointment at your earliest convenience to help protect your pet from dangerous diseases. Make sure your pets are staying up to date on their vaccinations with our Casper veterinarians.


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