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Preparing Your Dogs for a Flight

Preparing your Dog for a Flight

When you decide to bring your dog or cat on a trip, you want to make sure he or she prepares for the flight. A key part of preparing your pet for a flight is working with our Casper vet to check on your pet's health. At Westside Animal Hospital, we know that your pet is part of the family and we make sure you have the tools to take your pet when you plan to fly.

Dog getting ready to travel

Take Your Pet on Road Trips

Road trips help your pet get used to spending time in a dog carrier. It also ensures that your pet is used to traveling before the first flight. That will help ease your pet into the process.

Fly at Night

Make it easy for your pet to stick to a schedule by flying at night. An evening flight allows your pet to sleep through the flight. That will allow him or her to stay on a normal schedule.

Exercise Your Pet

Before the flight, take your dog for a walk. Exercise tires out your pet and makes it easier for him or her to sleep on the flight. It also makes your pet happier during the trip.

Get A Check-Up for Your Pet

Your pet needs a health certificate to fly, so you want to visit our Casper vet before your trip. Our vet does a check-up on your pet and ensures that he or she will not have problems on the flight. It also allows you to talk to our Casper vet about different ways to keep your pet healthy on the plane. We can help you determine the appropriate schedule for your pet’s water and food. We also help you determine the appropriate way to keep your pet calm.

Visit Our Local Veterinarian Today

Flying with your pet is a good way to enjoy traveling, but you also want to prepare in advance. Preparing your pet for the trip will make the process easier for your entire family. To learn more about flying with your dog or to set up an appointment, call (307) 472-5600 today.


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