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Diabetes in Dogs and Cats

Diabetes in Dogs and Cats: Information From Your Casper Veterinarian

There are many diseases we have in common with our furry friends, and unfortunately, diabetes is one of them. Diabetes occurs when the body does not create an adequate amount of insulin to regulate glucose (sugar) levels in the blood. Because glucose is the body's main fuel source, when the levels are off, the body cannot function normally. The good news, however, is that you can help prevent the disease through diet and exercise for weight management. And for diabetic pets, treatments are effective at managing the disease. Learn more about diabetes in dogs and cats with this information from your Casper veterinarian, Westside Animal Hospital.

Dog who has diabetes

Signs of Diabetes in Dogs and Cats

While diabetes most often affects obese and senior pets, the disease can develop in any cat or dog and is sometimes hereditary, so even young and fit pets can show symptoms. Increased thirst and urination are the main signs of diabetes in dogs and cats. Other symptoms include weight loss, increased hunger, vomiting, skin infections and urinary infections. Diabetes can cause clouding of the eyes (cataracts) in dogs, and changes in gait (walk) in cats. If you notice any of these signs of diabetes in dogs and cats, call our Casper veterinarian for an exam. Through blood and urine tests, we can diagnose diabetes. 

Diabetes Treatment at Our Casper Animal Hospital

A diabetes diagnosis doesn't mean your pet can't live a healthy and happy life; it only means you need to manage the disease daily. Comprehensive diabetes treatment at our Casper animal hospital begins by stabilizing blood glucose levels with insulin. At home, you will need to check glucose levels and give insulin injections twice a day with meals. While this can sound intimidating, we will walk you through every step, so it becomes second nature. Our Casper veterinarian will also prescribe a high-protein, lot-fat complex carbohydrate diet and recommend when and how to exercise your pet.

Contact Our Local Veterinarian Today!

Early detection is key to diabetes management in pets. Call us today for a Casper vet appointment: 307-472-5600.


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