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How Safe Is Pet Anesthesia?

How Safe Is Pet Anesthesia?

You might be concerned over your vet using anesthesia on your pet if you've heard other people’s scary stories. However, anesthesia is often used when a veterinarian performs pet surgery and other procedures. Advances in technology and protocol have increased the safety of pet anesthesia. We are an APHA accredited pet hospital and follow strict anesthesia protocols.

The Safety of Pet Anesthesia

There is always some risk when it comes to anesthesia. This it's why it's important for your vet to consider if your pet falls into a group that would face increased risk when under anesthesia. Pets with a higher risk include

  • Sick pets
  • Older pets
  • Pets under ten pounds
  • Pets with flat faces such as Pugs or Himalayan Cats

There are also some circumstances in which using anesthesia can create more risk, like during emergency anesthesia, complicated surgeries, and using anesthetic gas other than isoflurane.

Knowing these things can help you and your vet make the right decision when it comes to your pet's health. If these risk factors are not present, anesthesia is relatively safe for your pet. In fact, one study found that 99.85% who underwent anesthesia came out just fine. The benefits of anesthesia, such as a pain-free procedure that your vet can perform on a still animal, outweigh the possible risks of using anesthesia on your pet.

Although your pet may do fine during procedures such as teeth cleaning or surgery, it's essential to monitor them after the work is done. This is the time during which most pets experience complications from anesthesia.

We're proud to care for pets and serve their owners at Westside Animal Hospital in Casper. At our clinic, we consider all the risks when it comes to using anesthesia during surgery. Each pet's health is our utmost concern.

We're here to discuss any concerns you might have about your pet's health and the use of anesthesia during veterinary procedures. We want you to be comfortable with your pet's treatment.

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